Defender 3000: Solid Defense

Tough and durable, as it is intuitive and reliable. The difference is clear.
Industrial Scales
The new generation of Defender 3000 Bench Scales are here to relieve your workload, not add to it. From weighing to data collection to cleaning, you can expect a completely revamped user experience, one that emphasizes clarity and precision with each step.

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Clear Indications

Large, multicolor backlit LCD displays enhance the new Defender 3000 indicators and are bigger than ever for unmistakable results even from a distance. The bright 45mm (1.8 inch) digit displays are almost twice as large as before and now feature four selectable backlight colors –amber, green, red and yellow.

Not only are the displays bigger and brighter than ever, but the improved electronics are twice as fast, showing results in one second.
Industrial Scales

Your Job, Your Way.

The Defender 3000 series now brings added versatility as well, with combinations of different bases, indicators and mounting options available depending on your customers’ application needs.

With bases ranging from 15kg  in 305 x 355mm (12 x 14 inches) up to 600kg in 600 x 800mm (19.7 x 25.6 inches), our bases are OIML (NTEP & Measurement Canada) certified. Designed to meet basic industrial needs, the Defender 3000 is made to perform everyday, ready for their next job.

Industrial Scales
Take a Load Off

The Defender 3000 series are reliably durable, designed to make every aspect of your job easier. Flexible configurations like expanded front mounts and new base sizes combine with some of our clearest and most user-friendly indicators to tackle tasks from simple to heavyweight.

Each and every scale in the Defender 3000 line is built to deliver quick results with clear displays, increasing user-friendliness while maintaining rugged dependability. No matter the job, the Defender 3000 is up for it.