SF-110B Impact Printer

A Trusted Printer that Supports Industry Compliance
With a built-in real time clock and user management, the OHAUS SF-110B series Impact Printer ensures data integrity, and meets GLP/GMP requirements. An easy-to-read OLED display and advanced functions make the SF-110B ideal for use with all OHAUS balances and scales.
SF-110B Impact Printer Features
A login password for each user fully prevents unauthorized changes to the printer settings such as date/time.
The SF-110B provides users with full functionality from the most basic printing needs to the advanced applications, including statistics, totalization, formulation, averaging and interval printing.
Additional information like Sample name/ID can be printed before each weighing that complements the report and improves data traceability.
SF-110B Impact Printer Models
Printer Type
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Interface Type
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Print Speed
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Printing Resolution
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Print Width
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Paper Type
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Printer Type
Impact Dot Matrix
Interface Type
Print Speed
1.7 lines per second (1.7 lines per second)
SF-110B Impact Printer Product Details
Direct, Weighing, Multi Weighing, Tare/Gross/Net, Statistic, Sum, Mean, Formulation, Loss Weight
OLED 128 x 64 Dot Matrix Display
AC adapter (included)
RS232 (Included)
ABS housing
Design Features
High-speed dot matrix printing, 40 characters per line, auto tare operation directly from the printer, multi-user access control, editable header and trailer.
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